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5 ways to turn your DIET

5 ways to turn your DIET from a 4 letter word and into long term success
Diet is a Four Letter Word Body Conscious Training.jpg
Have ‘diets’  failed you over and over?
Would you like to know the secret to losing weight by NOT dieting?
Most people think they have to “go on a diet,” or “start a diet,” or “finish their diet.” The key to weight loss success is to treat the industry term  ‘DIET’ like a four letter word. With the exception of several other four letter words that I can’t (won’t) mention here, the word ‘diet’ is probably one of the most misused words in the English language. The American Heritage dictionary defines the word diet as the usual food and drink of a person or animal, a regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss, or something used, enjoyed, or provided regularly.
This definition sums up the word diet nicely, yet diets are somewhat of an enigma to many health seekers. The following are tips on how to not over think your diet and  tools that if put into practice can lead to fitness centered lifestyle.
  1. Make healthy eating something that you do every single day – Making the right choices when it comes to the foods that you eat should be an everyday thing. Eating healthy  is not just for special occasions or when you want to drop a few pounds. As outlined in the American Heritage definition, your diet should be a usual food or drink that you would eat every day. Making healthy food choices everyday makes it easier for you to eat better.
  1. Drop the word dieting from your vocabulary - Dieting is not the answer to weight lose. In fact, a balanced diet is the way to reach your goals and this does not involve dieting.  Many people choose to lose those 20lbs gained over the holidays by going on crash diets in order to get swimsuits by July. This is an ineffective way to lose weight because it is a short-term solution to a lifelong issue. The weight usually comes creeping back on and this behavior keeps many people on a cycle of poor choices and crash diets. The best solution for long-term success is to take small steps and make better choices each day.
  1. Start balancing your diet - Make small adjustments over the course of several weeks or months until you’re eating better and then you’ll start to see the results you have been working towards. Start by cutting down on these health destroyers: fast food, packaged processed foods, sodas, refined sugar & flour, and especially artificial sweeteners.  Start adding more fresh foods. Vegetables and fruits should make up about half of your plate, lean protein a little more than one quarter, the balance can be starches (whole grains) is optional.
  1. Change how you think about diets – Diets fail because they require such an extreme change in how you typically eat and this shocks the body. From over reducing calories, to food restrictions, dieting requires drastic changes in what your body and mind are used to. Sure, you lose some body weight and fat, but then quickly plateau. Many crash diets also leave you feeling fatigued, hungry and bloated. They can also cause sleep and digestive problems.
  1. Don’t give up - Finally! I know you’ve heard it before, but once you start, stick with it. Getting back to optimum health is not always a fast process. It is a process that depends on how well you listen to your body and how willing you are to make the changes needed to reach that goal.  Unlike “Diets”, Fitness Is Not a Fad, It’s a Lifestyle. Choose YOUR Style.
August 1, 2014